TravelG “How to Handle Travel When You’re Caught in a Tropical Storm”

“How to Handle Travel When You’re Caught in a Tropical Storm”
August 31, 2019
Hi I’m Connie and I love️ to travel. I’m a mom, GMa, business owner, author, event planner, speaker and spiritual. I’m also adventurous, enjoy dancing and love the beach.
So what would you do if you’re on one of the best trips of your life in Barbados and a Tropical Storm comes up? You prepare ahead for what may happen!
Preparation is Key!
  1. Pack early! I pack at least 2 weeks ahead and lay everything out so I won’t forget anything. Those little needed items adds up, and are more expensive internationally.
  2. Purchase travel insurance! You may need it. There’s nothing better or more reassuring than if anything happens you’re protected from loss and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket.
  3. Make a checklist when you’re packing. If you forget something it may be more expensive internationally. ✅clothing ✅shoes ✅lingerie/underwear ✅PJs and slippers ✅toiletries ✅medications (prescription and OTC) ✅sunscreen ✅sunglasses ✅extra pair of glasses/contacts ✅mosquito spray ✅jewelry ✅keys ✅passports ✅airline itineraries ✅baggage tags ✅lipsticks ✅makeup ✅hairpins ✅hair scarf/bonnets ✅ cologne/perfume ✅ extra cell phone charger  ✅laptop/iPad and charger ✅ snacks etc.
  4. Roll your clothes the smart packing way.
  5. Set your alarm! Put your baggage in the car trunk the night before you depart in case you oversleep. On return trip home pack the night before.
  6. Clean up, dump trash and wash dishes before you leave. You don’t want to come home to a smelly or mice or bugs in your  home.
  7. I try to get a good nights sleep before traveling. You’ll need it in case your flights are delayed or there’s an emergency on board. Being alert is a must!
  8. Eat a healthy meal or purchase one before traveling. It’s expensive to buy food at airports.
  9. If you’re traveling during Hurricane season June-Nov remember to bring an umbrella, comfy walking shoes, extra cash and at least 2 credit/debit cards for emergencies, additional nights lodging if needed, and change of flights.
  10. Get TSA Pre✅ and/or Global Entry. Global Entry allows you expedited entry through Customs internationally. NOTE that you still may be randomly selected for a security check with either a TSA Pre✅ or Global Entry. Remain calm and follow instructions by US and international Customs agents. Customs are not the same internationally.
  11. Be alert when at the airport and constantly check airport monitors. Airlines often change times of departure and boarding gates. Ask questions from airport personnel if needed.
  12. Go to your gate to make sure it’s on time and it’s the gate you’re supposed to board. Allow time for your group boarding.
  13. If pressed for time between flights I go to the restrooms on the first flight before landing. You won’t regret it!
  14. Get an airlines alert on your text or email. It gives you updates for your flights and changes. It’s very helpful.
Onsite at Sandals Resorts During Tropical Storm Dorian
  1. Sandals Barbados was on point the day before Tropical Storm Dorian (now it’s intensified to Cat 4 Hurricane Dorian headed to Bahamas and FL GA SC). They started at 6 am preparing: removing beach chairs, stacking and tying them down, turning wrought iron outdoor chairs and tables over and taking down awnings.
  2. They made sure each room had a golf size Sandals umbrella.
  3. They notified us by letter under the doors of our room of updates and had an electronic bulletin board of all flight departures from Barbados airport (Grantley Adams International Airport BGI).That was very helpful to keep us updated.
  4. Almost all restaurants were open, full service was available and had carry out boxes for food. It was amazing to see how quickly and efficiently the Sandals Team worked on our behalf!
Last tips: Be prepared, keep up with the news and don’t panic.

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