Wedding & Event Planners: Jill and Jack of all Trades-Part II

Wedding and Event Planners—Jill and Jack of all Trades – Part II

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In 2009, I wrote the first part of this article, knowing that due to the nature of our job, there would be an update.  Did you know that a 2017 study by ranked Event Coordinator #5 out of 10 as the Most Stressful Occupation?  Those of us who have experience and passion for this career are well aware of the stress, and once the wedding or event is over, we try to find healthy ways to alleviate it, until the next event.  Reasons stated in the study for such high stress are:  1) Coordinators work on a once in a lifetime special occasion for most clients, 2) it’s very high visibility and 3) there are high stakes for Coordinators.

On average for a full-service wedding, it is estimated coordinators/planners spend 200 hours or more and the planning phase may last up to a year.  At that rate it would take only 10 full-service weddings a year to work a full-time job.  That doesn’t factor in the Day of Coordinator, partial or month of services.  The 2017 average cost of a wedding in the US was $35,329.  The average cost of a wedding in the DC area for 2017 was $44,856.  As can be expected, highly experienced wedding and event professionals will cost more.

I write this to say that just because weddings and honeymoons are so romantic, fun and seem easy to do, it takes a lot of planning, organization, coordination, execution, creativity, professionalism, tact, social graces, patience, perseverance, people skills, negotiation skills and passion—to name a few– to do our job.  The extra value coordinators/planners add is we are able to work with the best vendors at the best price for your investment and to save you time, money and stress! The skills can be learned but the passion has to come from within.  A wonderful job to have and the rewards for coordinators/planners are seeing the newly-weds happy and having their dream wedding!  Loving All Things Wedding!