Vision in Business is not about Eyesight! It’s about Foresight!

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Vision in Business is not about Eyesight! It’s about Foresight!

 Vision in business is so important. It keeps you grounded.  The definition of Foresight is “the act of looking forward, the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future.”  Synonyms are planning, vision, anticipation, prudence, care, caution, precaution, readiness and preparedness.  You get the picture.

When you’re faced with a situation in business, in life and as a wedding planner, we not only think of what’s happening now, but what may happen in the future, and to be prepared.  Although we cannot predict the future and are not clairvoyant, having the skills of Foresight will help you navigate around obstacles and last minute curves that life can throw at you.

My oldest brother James used to tell me when I started driving, to don’t just look ahead at the car in front of you, but to anticipate what is going on in the next block or several vehicles ahead of you, so if there’s an accident or car stalled, you can take precautions, turn around or get in another lane. To this day, I still follow his advice.

In business, we have to look at worldwide events to see how they will impact our businesses.  We are part of a global economy. The stock market, an increase in the price of a commodity or in the case of wedding planning, what are couples spending their money on? What are the latest trends and what are obsolete?  As wedding planners, we have to keep current and have Foresight or we become obsolete.  Know your client. Know your market and know the value you bring to wedding and event planning.  Know when it’s time to try another option or opportunity that awaits you. Know when it’s time to move forward, and most importantly, know yourself, your abilities and your skill set. As some Brides have told me, “you know your stuff.”

Stay focused on your journey and business.  Get ideas and training from trusted sources that are about helping your business and personal development.  Have a vision and goals for your business and post it on your website, wall in your office, on your mirror and keep it top of  mind.  There are others who may want to steer you towards their vision or their goals, but stay focused and Own Your Vision!


About the Author:

The author, Connie Amos-Parsons, is the owner and CEO of At Your Service Events Planner LLC, a wedding and events company with offices in Alexandria, VA, and Chevy Chase, MD.  She has been in business since 2007.  Connie obtained her B.S. degree at the University of Maryland College Park, and a Masters Certificate in Business Management from Johns Hopkins University.  Connie is a former Senior Management Analyst and Project Manager PMP in the Federal Government in Washington, DC. Her latest pursuit is a new Author of “Peaks, Valleys and Overcoming The Odds: Stepping Out On Faith And Confidence.”

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