Tips for the Bride


By Connie Amos-Parsons, Owner, At Your Service Events Planner LLC

Accredited Wedding Planner, Association of Bridal Consultants

Certified Sandals Specialist

an Alexandria VA and Chevy Chase, MD Wedding and Events Planning Small Business

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1.  One duty that wedding and events planners are responsible for that no other vendors do is assisting clients with Contracts. To protect your interests, its best to have Contracts with vendors as part of planning for your special wedding and event. Please take a couple of minutes to read the excerpts and links attached.

“You need three things to form a valid contract:

o An offer by one person,

o Acceptance by another person, and

o A mutual exchange of value between the parties.

That can all be done by word of mouth.  The law does not usually require that a contract be in writing. However, it is always a good idea to “get it in writing.” A written contract avoids getting into a “he said/she said” debate when the contractual relation breaks down and because oral contracts can be difficult or impossible to prove.

2.  Menu – Confirm menu, cake and bar final count by the due date to make sure it is what you ordered and you have enough to cover your guest list.

3.  Check List – Make sure you and your Groom have finished your “To Do’ checklists.  Details, details, details but important!

4.  Vendor Payments – Make sure you remember to take care of all payments to vendors including the payments due on the wedding day.  When you hire a wedding planner that is one of the responsibilities that wedding planners can assist you with.

5.  Last Minute Details – Make sure you and your wedding planner have communicated on all last minute details. For example, who’s in charge of the guest book, top tier of cake, flowers, centerpieces, decorations, gifts and envelopes at the end of the wedding.

6.  Enjoy your day! You and your Groom deserve to have the very best wedding ever!

These tips will help ensure that!