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Lynchburg Event PlannerWedding and Event Planning is our specialty. Event planning and wedding planning has never been the easy task. Some typical duties of wedding and event planning includes budgeting, establishing date and alternate dates, selecting and reserving the event site, coordinating transportation and parking and selecting vendors.

At Your Service Events Planner can help you locate: DJ services, singers, musicians, party supplies, a wedding and event coordinator, decorations, transportation, event support, security services and much more!

Do you remember your last corporate party, meeting, retreat or sales conference? Maybe not, right? Because you could have used a professional.  You may have a job  and you know how to perform it very well.  But, you may not know how to throw a good party or organize an event.  That’s where a professional wedding and event planner comes in!

Special functions are important because they are rare occasions where all your guests can get together to have fun and celebrate. It should be a rewarding experience. It should be a team-building experience. It has value and that’s why you should hire a professional to organize it. You should hire a At Your Service Events Planner for your next Virginia, DC or MD event.

Here is a list of reasons why it’s better to hire an event planner:

  • At Your Service  Events Planner is a locally owned small business.
  • At Your Service Events Planner has resources and contacts that they can draw upon. You need a DJ? No problem! You need a motivational speaker? They can do that. You need a caterer or chef? That wouldn’t be a problem either.
  • At Your Service Events Planner has experience and knowledge of the wedding and events industry.   She knows that vendors and entertainers sometimes cancel at the last minute. What if that magician you hired gets the flu the night before the office Christmas party? At Your Service Events Planner will normally have a back-up that she can call upon. And, if no magician is available she would be able to find the next best thing, perhaps a clown?
  • At Your Service Events Planner frees your time. Event planning is time consuming. The list of chores is endless: scouting venues, sending invitations, arranging decorations, valet parking, hotel bookings, airline bookings, providing directions. The list goes on and on.

Hiring At Your Service Events Planner for your next function is a smart choice.


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