Our Services and Responsibilities

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At Your Service Events Planner is an award-winning

wedding and events planner 

(240) 235-6003 Chevy Chase MD office  and

(703) 370-0402 Alexandria VA office – AYSEventsPlanner@aol.com 

Locations Alexandria VA and Chevy Chase MD 

Serving Northern VA, DC, MD, Central VA, Hampton Roads area

Call Connie Amos-Parsons Today for a Complimentary One-Hour

Personal Consultation

to discuss your Wedding and Event Ideas!

Our Services as your Wedding and Events Planner (not all inclusive)

  • Wedding and Event planning, coordination and custom design
  • Floral and decor Designer 
  • Corporate Events
  • Social Events
  • Sandals and Beaches Luxury Resorts and Grand Pineapple all-inclusive Vacations (we have 2 Certified Sandals Specialists on our team)
  • Destination Weddings  

Our Responsibilities as your Wedding and Events Planner (not all-inclusive)

•    Planning the event according to your requests
•    Vendor and Venue selection
•    Guest accommodations for bride and groom and guests
•    Contract negotiation and review
•    Hotel banquet rooms and guest rooms reservations
•    Catering according to the type of menu you select
•    Entertainment, DJ, musicians or band
•   Flowers
•    Programs, invitations, RSVP, reception and save-the-date cards printed
•    Vendor to mail out invitations (upon request)
•    Calligrapher (upon request)
•    Transportation, limousine services, carriages
•    Bridal accessories, gifts and favors
•    Spa, salons and nail services
•    Pre-marriage counseling services (upon request)
•    Photographer and videographer
•    Vendor for travel and honeymoon vacation packages
•    Personal consultations
•    Wedding cake, cupcakes, candy bar stations
•    Rental items
•    Day of the event, make sure everything runs smoothly
•    Special needs for your guests, i.e. accessibility accommodations
•    Track your budget and vendor due dates
•    Bridal luncheons, Rehearsals, Rehearsal dinners, Receptions


Our Role as Your Event Planner

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At Your Service Events Planner

(240) 235-6003 Chevy Chase office and

(703)370-0402 Alexandria office – AYSEventsPlanner@aol.com


Locations Alexandria VA and Chevy Chase MD 

Serving Alexandria VA, DC, MD, Central VA and Hampton Roads area

Our Role as Your Event Planner – What We are capable of handling for you (not all-inclusive)

•    Caterers
•    Transportation
•    Photographers
•    Videographers
•    Flowers and Décor
•    Bakers
•    Invitations and Printing
•    Lodging
•    Spas, salons & nail services
•    Bridal accessories, gifts, favors & stationery
•    Pre-marital counseling services
•    Wedding attire
•    Budget
•    Contracts

Entertainment and Music

•    DJ, Band, Musicians
•    Balloons
•    Clowns
•    Face Painting, Caricatures
•    Kids Bouncers

Facilities & Venues
•    Conference sites & Hotels
•    Churches & Houses of Worship
•    Reception sites
•    Restaurants & Banquet Rooms
•    Vacation & Honeymoon Packages, Sandals & Beaches Resorts
•    Cruises
•    Golf Courses
•    Outdoor Weddings/Gardens/Tents/Lakes

Equipment Rentals
•    Audiovisuals, Podiums, Chairs, Tables, Dance Floor, Heaters, Sides, Tents, etc.
•    Fountains

•    Popcorn Machines
•    Cotton Candy Machines
•    Snow Cone Machines
•    Party Favors and Supplies

Call Connie Amos-Parsons Today for a personal consultation to discuss your wedding and events ideas at 240.235.6003 or 703.370.0402!


Top 5 Reasons To Hire At Your Service Events Planner

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Lynchburg Party PlannerAt Your Service Events Planner is an awards-winning weddings and events company, with offices in Chevy Chase MD and Alexandria VA. Weddings are something that all of us dream of as being romantic and oh-so-perfect. But of course when the time draws near and we have to actually plan our wedding ceremony, reality steps in and we realize that all is not as cozy and exciting as it seemed. A professional award-winning Alexandria Wedding Planner is just the answer for calming down the frantic pace of the nitty-gritty that goes into wedding planning. But if you are still not convinced, let’s take a look at all the things the we will do for you and save you the last minute anxiety.

Stress Management

The first thing that automatically comes along with planning a wedding reception is a lot of stress. There are a million details that go into planning the perfect wedding ceremony and reception. If you treat your wedding as one big project, this project is going to need a project manager who is going to be your wedding planner. They are going to help keep out all the stress by doing what they do best, management. They will manage even the smallest details from the budget to all the different things that will require hiring or contracting wedding vendors. They will do all the leg work for you, not only making you stress free but giving you ample time to take a break, pamper yourself and also give you time to spend with your family and friends.  At Your Service Events Planner owner is a former Project Manager PMP.


The wedding budget is obviously a very important part and needs to be done prior to everything else. As novices in event planning, we often land up wasting precious resources by making the wrong choices which a wedding coordinator is well versed with and knows how to get you the best deals from the best vendors. Also a wedding planner will guarantee the services he or she provides through their own reliable vendors. Wedding vendors will often do favors for a planner that they do lots of business with, but would not be available to the bride or groom. Do not worry that they will smother your ideas. A wedding planner will work in coordination with you. In fact all you have to pay is about 10-20% of the total wedding costs. Although this fee can vary, you will still be saving a lot of money.

Distinctive Appeal

Often the bride and groom get carried away by various fantastical things that are just not practical. They can’t decide how to make their wedding ceremony special and distinctive from others. An Alexandria Wedding Planner will help you to realize your ideas in a realistic way and also provide you with their own suggestions to polish and shape your ideas all the way to a unique wedding.

Ready Choice

With so many possibilities, the bride and groom can feel overwhelmed and often land up buying something they don’t plan because they have been cajoled by friends or family. A wedding planner will know who the best in the business are and guide the bride and groom into buying just what is right for them.

Middleman and Shield

Although hard to believe, you can get hounded by all the different caterers and florists you may have visited. Also, wedding vendors you choose may ask you a hundred technical questions you may have no idea about. That is where your wedding coordinator will step in to act as a go-between and keep you away from all the unnecessary headache.

Finally, do your self a favor and consider contacting Connie at At Your Service Events Planner today! You may be surprised at what is really possible for your dream nuptials for you and your bride or groom.  At Your Service Events Planner–we plan great weddings and events!


Why Should You Use At Your Service Events Planner?

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Lynchburg Wedding PlannerAt Your Service Events Planner is an award-winning wedding and events planner.  Why should you use At Your Service Events Planner is a question that is asked by clients as well as industry professionals. The title Wedding Consultant has been misused so often that it has become confusing for people to truly understand what a professional Wedding Consultant really does.

We all know that professional photographers produce beautiful pictures and present them in elegant wedding albums. Videographers capture all of the colorful emotions of the wedding day in a video. The wedding florist works hard to arrange a picture perfect bouquet for the bride and fill the ceremony and reception area with beautiful flowers. The Wedding DJ (or band) plays the role of Master of Ceremonies and sets the tone with music.

Nearly every professional in the wedding industry has a tangible product that they offer brides. A Wedding Consultant/Coordinator/Planner, however, has a more challenging time trying to sell an intangible service. So what does a Wedding Consultant really do?

At Your Service Events Planner wears many hats.  We call ourselves Jill of all trades–Ninjas!

  • Some of our team handle administrative functions for the bride and groom, taking care of all the paperwork for the couple.
  • We also act as mediator between the bride and groom and the various people and facilities involved in the wedding (Church, reception facility, vendors, family members, minister, etc.).
  • We take the role of financial planners who assist couples in creating a realistic budget and help them stick to it.
  • As Consultants we are teachers who educate couples on wedding etiquette and protocol.
  • We are legal consultants who review contracts before the couple actually signs on the dotted line.
  • We are talent recruiters who recommend the most professional and suitable vendors for each couple.
  • We are designers who make sure everything is presented well and is color-coordinated. We are pleased to have a floral and decor designer on our team.
  • We may also take on the role as mental therapists who work hard to keep everybody sane in the midst of all the stress; we are “fire fighters” who are quick in responding to negative issues and thus quick to put out fires.
  • And lastly, we are the logistics managers who cater to every detail during the planning stages and on the wedding day.

With “wedding planning” topping people’s list as one of the biggest projects of their life, doesn’t it make sense to hire a “project manager” to lead the way?  Fortunately, Connie, the owner of At Your Service Events Planner, has experience as a Project Manager PMP.

Besides allowing brides to focus on preparing herself for the big day, we can also be helpful to vendors making sure vendors are paid on time and helping to convey what the bride and groom really wants. We create logistically brilliant timelines and share them with all vendors.

As team leader on the bride’s and groom’s wedding day,

  • We serve as the point person for everyone involved in the wedding.
  • We want the team of professionals to do a spectacular job so we are constantly communicating with each vendor.
  • We especially make sure that each vendor is up to date on any changes on the wedding itinerary and make certain that vendors receive their meal in a timely manner.

With the presence of a top professional wedding planner, everyone benefits.

  • The bride and groom can focus on being the guests of honor.
  • Having a Consultant frees up all the other professionals to utilize their gifts or talents to the fullest, not having to spend their energy on the time consuming aspects of the planning.

The next time you hear someone comment, what exactly does a Wedding Consultant/Planner/Coordinator do? The better question is what is it they don’t do?
What are some areas that At Your Service Events Planner may be responsible for?

  • Provide resources for reliable and trustworthy vendors.
  • Give guidance in a cost-effective planning approach.
  • Offer etiquette guidance.
  • Provide traditional, contemporary and practical tips.
  • Monitor Wedding expenses and payment.
  • Advise on contracts, bill of sale and proposals.
  • Attend the rehearsal, ceremony and reception to insure a smooth effortless day.

How to Hire a Wedding or Events Planner in Alexandria

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Lynchburg Wedding PlannerHe’s bent down on one knee, looked you in the eyes and given you the promise of a lifetime together. You said, “Yes!” but now you’re saying “Oh no!” Now that you’re planning a wedding there are so many things to do, so many plans to make. And especially in Alexandria which offers everything from Old Town charm and history to beautiful luxury and historic venues in the DC, MD and Northern VA metro area. To put your mind at ease, you need to hire…At Your ServiceEvents Planner!

Step 1

Surf the web. At Your Service Events Planner has two locations–Alexandria VA and Chevy Chase MD.  By simply plugging “Lynchburg Event Planners” into your favorite search engine, a myriad of results will pop up. Begin checking out their sites, read their bios and keep a list of the top 5 or 6 that excite you.  We hope that At Your Service Events Planner will be top of mind!

Step 2

Contact the Event or Wedding Planner. If you already have your date set or in mind, be sure to first check that they are available and you can hire them to plan your DC, MD or VA event. If they are available, continue the dialogue based upon how much you’re looking for them to do for your day. Try and narrow your list based upon availability, personality, knowledge and experience.

Step 3

Meet with the potential event and wedding planners. Now that you’ve narrowed your list, set-up a time to meet with the Alexandria event and wedding planners either in their office or in a neutral location. While you should discuss specifics about budget, colors and how you imagine the day, this stage is really about gauging your potential event planner. Do your personalities compliment each other? Some people want a strong-willed wedding planner, while others merely want some assistance. Also, be sure to look at their reviews. A wedding and event planner should be happy to give them to you.

Step 4

Make your decision. Now is the tough part. Hopefully out of the few people you met with, you found a connection, and we hope your decision will be At Your Service Events Planner! But a note of advice would be, don’t skimp on the price here. If we are truly going to be the brains behind the operation, you want a good set of brains, not a cheap set!

Step 5
Use us! You hired us, don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all our knowledge and expertise is why you hired us.

“Talented Minds Providing Dream Events with Exceptional Customer Service”


Wedding & Event Planning in Virginia

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Lynchburg Event PlannerWedding and Event Planning is our specialty. Event planning and wedding planning has never been the easy task. Some typical duties of wedding and event planning includes budgeting, establishing date and alternate dates, selecting and reserving the event site, coordinating transportation and parking and selecting vendors.

At Your Service Events Planner can help you locate: DJ services, singers, musicians, party supplies, a wedding and event coordinator, decorations, transportation, event support, security services and much more!

Do you remember your last corporate party, meeting, retreat or sales conference? Maybe not, right? Because you could have used a professional.  You may have a job  and you know how to perform it very well.  But, you may not know how to throw a good party or organize an event.  That’s where a professional wedding and event planner comes in!

Special functions are important because they are rare occasions where all your guests can get together to have fun and celebrate. It should be a rewarding experience. It should be a team-building experience. It has value and that’s why you should hire a professional to organize it. You should hire a At Your Service Events Planner for your next Virginia, DC or MD event.

Here is a list of reasons why it’s better to hire an event planner:

  • At Your Service  Events Planner is a locally owned small business.
  • At Your Service Events Planner has resources and contacts that they can draw upon. You need a DJ? No problem! You need a motivational speaker? They can do that. You need a caterer or chef? That wouldn’t be a problem either.
  • At Your Service Events Planner has experience and knowledge of the wedding and events industry.   She knows that vendors and entertainers sometimes cancel at the last minute. What if that magician you hired gets the flu the night before the office Christmas party? At Your Service Events Planner will normally have a back-up that she can call upon. And, if no magician is available she would be able to find the next best thing, perhaps a clown?
  • At Your Service Events Planner frees your time. Event planning is time consuming. The list of chores is endless: scouting venues, sending invitations, arranging decorations, valet parking, hotel bookings, airline bookings, providing directions. The list goes on and on.

Hiring At Your Service Events Planner for your next function is a smart choice.


Mission and Vision

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At Your Service Events Planner

(240) 235-6003 and (703) 370-0402  – AYSEventsPlanner@aol.com 

Locations Alexandria VA and Chevy Chase MD 

Provide an enjoyable and successful event that fulfills our client’s objectives and goals while saving our client time, money and stress.

Call Connie today at (240) 235-6003 or (703) 370-0402 for a personal consultation to discuss your wedding and events ideas!